Cedar picnic table

Our town is making a community garden and I volunteered to make a picnic table to donate for people to use and enjoy. I figured that a table would be a nice place to sit down and enjoy some really fresh vegetables -- for those who can't wait to get home and enjoy them! It also makes a great place for gardeners to get together and socialize and trade gardening tips.

I used some pretty standard 2"x6" lumber for the main tresses and supports with 1" dimensional lumber for the seats and tabletop. I used the quintessential and timeless picnic table plan for this project.

As you can see from the photos below, it wasn't a complicated project and the results were excellent! (Note: I really hadn't finished connecting the pieces in the last shots -- I was just dry fitting them to make sure things were good. I wanted to really assemble it on the gardening site to make it easier to transport!)


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