Roubo Workbench Part III

I finally got the better part of the Andre Roubo workbench done. I should add, I have the whole thing assembled and the front vice on, but I've yet to design and add my tail vice.

I'm waiting until I have my tail vice designed and built before I drill the holes in the top my workbench so that I can be sure they line up properly with whatever I come up with. I'd have to have things all askew! I already have a tail vice screw that I'll use so it's simply reviewing different tail vice designs and using or adapting one for my own.

Somewhere in the process I managed to lose my workbench book written by Chris Schwartz. What a pain! I had sketched out all my pieces on paper to refer to so it wasn't a complete catastrophe though.

If you have any particular tail vice design that you really like then please send me an email or leave a comment below! I'd really appreciate hearing what works or doesn't from someone who has already been through this process.

I also have a Part I and a Part II for you to read!


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