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Buying a used table saw

A staple in any woodworker or carpenter's shop is the table saw. It's typically one of the top five recommended tools one should have in their workshop. It's easy to see why -- they are versatile tools and can rip or cut boards of any length and dimension. Some tools, like a compound miter saw excel at what they do, but are limited in the scope of what they can accomplish. The table saw is capable of cutting a sheet of plywood as readily as making dados, tenons or box joints.   Photo by  Chris Campbell Before buying a table saw you need to decide what type you need. Table saws are generally classified into three types: benchtop; portable (or contractor); and stationary. The benchtop saw is aptly named because its a small saw that can sit on your workbench and have a ten inch blade. They are okay for small projects but are limited in what they can accomplish because of their smaller tabletop, lack of horsepower for cutting larger pieces of wood, and less accurate f

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