Bathroom vanity

We're doing a bathroom remodel project and it required a new bathroom vanity. All we wanted was a simple one that would take a full length integrated counter and sink top. Since the place can be pretty humid and damp when its all closed up, we wanted something made out of wood -- not constructed out MDF that wouldn't hold up over the years.

After looking around for a bit, it was clear a real vanity made out of decent materials was pricey, more pricey than I thought it should be. So I dusted off my tools and whipped up a cabinet this past weekend. I used some European style hinges to simplify the door installation and alignment. I also made things easier for myself by buying a pre-made guide template at Rockler's. It centered and set the depth for the spade bit for the drill in the doors to accept the hinges. It certainly saved some time!

Now all we need to do is paint the bathroom vanity!


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