Controlling dust in your workshop

When you're into woodworking, you're into dust -- whether you like it or not. The heath concerns from inhaling dust should make everyone take precautions. here are a lot of ways you can control dust -- dust collection systems and air cleaners.

If you're not doing any major cutting or other dust producing activity, you can probably get by with a respirator or decent dust mask. Make sure it completely covers the area around your nose and mouth. If I'm just making some cuts with my hand saw, the level of dust isn't that bad. In general, most hand tools don't produce even a fraction of what the power tools do.

Do you have any tips for keeping the dust down and your shop clean? I'd love to hear them!


Bob Easton said…
My dust removal system is a broom! My only power tool is a bandsaw. The dust it produces is large grained and falls straight down. All the rest of my work is with hand tools, and I avoid sanding almost completely. I hate sanding, so I keep the tools sharp enough to produce a nearly finished surface.

Now, I do wear a respirator when sweeping up the floor. That's about the only time dust gets airborne in my shop.

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