New walnut iPod Nano case?

I have been playing with my new Grizzly bandsaw this weekend and turned out a new product. Well, almost... I had salvaged a beautiful piece of walnut when visiting my family in my home state of Vermont. It has a wonderful creamy dark chocolate color with a few lighters swirls of milk chocolate in it. After truing an edge with my trusty No. 4 hand plane and slicing off a slab, I got down to work in making it into something.

I came up with a very simple and elegant case for the newest iPod Nano. It currently doesn't have the tell-tale dual inlay stripes in it like my other cases. Frankly, I'm not sure it needs to. I willing to give my readers a chance to sound off and tell me what they think. Just answer the poll question to the right (see related photos below). You can also look forward to a give-away for one of the first iPod Nano cases too! Leave a comment (by clicking on te comments link under the title of this blog entry) if you'd like to add some comments above and beyond the vote!

The walnut works well and with the extra care I gave the finish, it came out silky smooth that makes it quite welcoming in the hand.


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