Build your own compost bin

Spring will be here before you know it. Or, depending or where you live, it might already be here! In New England, we still have snow on the ground so there's some time left before we'll be strolling down the city streets in just a light coat or outside raking our lawns, doing general spring cleanup.

So what do you do with all the old leaves and dead grass that you rake up in the spring? It would be a shame to just get rid of it -- it'd be great compost! If you have a small yard or don't like the look of a big loose pile of composting material, then I have an idea that might work well. Its basically a simple wooden frame that has a removable top, and a front side that slides out to allow easy removal of the ready compost at the bottom without needing to move everything.

The top frame has a screen top to allow rain to fall into the compost so it doesn't dry out but keeps any potential animals out. We have a dog, so this type of compost bin works well to keep her out of the leftover vegetables that make their way in. The front side has a simple track that allows the panel to slide in and out.

I also made it out of untreated pine. It was cheap and readily available out of my spare wood pile. This compost bin won't last forever -- it'll rot, but its safe to use the compost on my garden without any fears of chemical leeching into it. Using pressure treated lumber is definitely not recommended!


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