Roubo Workbench Part II

I'm still working on the base frame of the Roubo workbench. I wish I had more time to devote to it, but the truth is that I've got 1001 things going on so I squeeze in a moment here and a moment there to get some progress made!

From 2009.10.24 Roubo WorkbenchFrom 2009.10.24 Roubo Workbench

I've got a side of tenons all made and dry-fitted the pieces together. Everything is falling into place according to my plans! (Insert evil crackle here.) Not many surprises yet, except for the number of times I've smashed my hand and had to get a bandaid to prevent bleeding on my work. I should be more careful -- take, for instance, the time when I was trimming down the tenon on the leg stretcher. My Stanley 93 Rabbet Plane was working fine, the only problem was that I wasn't accustomed to such a large tenon and needed to be careful as my knuckles we positioned perfectly for grazing the top edge of the wood and skimming off my skin like the blade was doing with the wood lower on the wood.

From 2009.10.24 Roubo Workbench

For the leg vise, I was happy to run the end of the leg through my bandsaw (I got the riser kit which has been handy) and then just use my chisel to knock out the half inch by four inch piece of waste wood. It was enjoyable to quickly work through the wood and clean up a nice little spacer for the spacer board for the leg vise to slide through.

Now if I could only find my 1 1/8" drill bit to make room for the leg vice screw! I thought I had put it in this drawer, no wait, the one over here...


Unknown said…
I can empathize with the piecemeal approach to this massive project. I am essentially done with mine but there are some little things still to be done almost a year later. It is really fun and a nice change to be working in timber frame sized joinery too.

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