Tail vise screws

Hooray! The tail vise screws arrived in the mail today! I had ordered them through Lee Valley when they were having their annual "no shipping cost" sale. That made them a good deal since they're heavy too. I decided to get the long screws because who likes a short screw? Ok, ok, bad pun but the truth is that the larger one offers more strength and extension.

So now that I've got the screws in hand, you'll be seeing some updates shortly -- and some pictures too. Last time I was finishing the tenons on the base I didn't bring the camera to document the work.

One of the tenons I didn't cut as good as I hoped. It's tight on the outside edge, but it widens to about a sixteenth of an inch by the tenon shoulder. I'm trying to decide if I try to fix it, or leave it as is since it doesn't affect the functionality and is more cosmetic. I can see it now -- I attempt to clean it up a little and next thing I know, I have to replace the whole stretcher or leg in my attempts to "fix" it. I think I'm trying to talk myself into being lazy and leave it as it is.

We'll see how I feel about it after a night's sleep.


Michael D. said…
Okay, so I couldn't let it stay that way. I cleaned up the couple sloppy tenons and now have very nice fitting mortise and tenons on all of them.

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